• Gennaio 2012

  • Gian Paolo Minardi – Gazzetta di Parma

    Vivaldi rivive nell’affascinante avventura di Europa Galante

  • Fabio Biondi

    Stile libero dal linguaggio originale

The Galante performances, led from the violin by Mr.Biondi, were typically energetic and refined, and beautifully suited to the differing qualities of each work.
But the Chiara project as a whole amounts to so much more than the sum of these musical parts

James R. Oestreich – The New York Times

Rassegna stampa

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A remarkable rendition of Handel’s Silla at the Enescu Festival

(…) Thursday night’s rendition was outstanding. Violinist Fabio Biondi has been leading Europa Galante for almost two decades and the cohesiveness he brought to the ensemble is easily recognizable. The musicians collective expertise in playing music of the 17th and 18th centuries is indisputable and was in full display once again. In the orchestral interludes, the balance between winds and strings was well adjusted and the support that the ensemble offered to the singers was carefully individualized.

Edward Sava-Segal – 07/09/2019


  • ‘We are at an important moment in the morality of music,’ says Italian violinist Fabio Biondi


    Fabio Biondi does not want you to visit Dubai Opera on Tuesday to hear him play – but rather, to hear what he is playing. This distinction is greater than you might think.

    “We are at an important moment in the morality of music – in the past five years I see a vulgarity,” says the Italian violinist

    “When you see the publicity, what is important is to be beautiful or strange. We’re not a rock performance. We are not auteurs – we make an interpretation, we serve the music with our capacity.

    “Today, I constantly see musicians using the music to show their talent. This is completely wrong. We must not forget that the music is first, the composer is first – and then we follow.”


    Rob Garratt, The National - 8 October 2016