Biondi’s Labors Won, or Unearthing The Lost Vivaldi

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Antonio Vivaldi, Ercole sul Termodonte, 6 October 2007

Teatro Malibran, Venice
A Fondazione La Fenice production

“In the (Vivaldi-like) double bill of conductor and first violin, occasionally also grabbing the viola d’amore, Biondi led the performance with a relentless overall pulse, a nuanced choice of tempi and, most notably, a careful insight into the singers’ needs for breath and action (…). His Europa Galante sounded like a large multi-register theorbo struck by a single hand: an amazing outcome, considering the frequent turnover of instrumentalists within its ranks. Biondi has clearly got a signature sound, one of the most exciting in the early music scene today — to say nothing of his individual prowess on the baroque violin.”

Carlo Vitali – OPERA TODAY – 22nd October 2007