“The six recorded concertos range from the swagger of RV 229 and the programmatic scene painting of ‘The Posthorn’, RV 363, to the lyricism of RV 260 and the cheerful simplicity of RV 261 (…) Fabio Biondi effortlessly surmounts the technical difficulties and stylistic challenges of each concerto. He also directs Europa Galante with characteristic vigour and aplomb.”

BBC Music Magazine
December 2023

“the six concertos on this wonderful recording (together with an ornamented version of a slow movement re-used in another) demonstrate the composer’s richness of imagination and command both of his instrument and musical form.The wonderful Fabio Biondi and his band, Europa Galante (3322 strings and continuo), bring energy and sparkle, and reflection and pathos in equal measure for some exemplary performances of this repertoire.”

Brian Clark
Early Music Review
April 2024


The Ospedale della Pietà’s most famous instrumental player in the first half of the 1700, was Anna Maria (1696-1782). Known and admired throughout Europe, she played not only the violin, viola d’amore and theorbo, but also the harpsichord, cello, lute and mandolin. Vivaldi had a privileged relationship with Anna Maria, who was an exceptional virtuoso, writing for her or at least entrusting her with the performance of numerous works for violin.