• Europa Galante 202

  • Gennaio 2012

  • Gian Paolo Minardi – Gazzetta di Parma

    Vivaldi rivive nell’affascinante avventura di Europa Galante

“For those who love early  music, they are a legend. In a world that is philologically plan and musically so rigidly formal, the ensemble acted as a seismic shake. Today they are more refined than ever, but not at the expense of their essence.”

Nicoletta Sguben – LA REPUBBLICA – 2019


Rassegna stampa

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Boccherini in Baeza: a simply outstanding interpretative quality

“The fact that  the revelation of many music largely depends on the artists is something that Fabio Biondi, and the musicians of Galante Europe, demonstrated with their interpretation of  Luigi Boccherini´s pieces : trios, quartets and quintets, in particular the famous quintet for strings and guitar, with its popular  fandango of closure and the twelve variations of “The retreat of Madrid”.

one  can speak of a new perspective that leads to the rediscovery of these works, and that derives from a simply exceptional interpretative quality.

What we heard in the auditorium of San Francisco de Baeza was a praised, exquisite reading, which allowed us to easily understand the international success that Boccherini’s work obtained in his time . ”

ABC CULTURAL – Alberto González Lapuente – 10th  December 2019


  • “The fabulous musicians gathered by Fabio Biondi make up a top-notch chamber orchestra. The formidable basso continuo was one of the highlights of the evening. You can rarely hear such a splendid violist such as Ernest Braucher live … The second violin , Andrea Rognoni was the perfect counterpoint to the Palermo-born conductor … Fabio Biondi was the fantastic artist that we are now used to.”

    RITMO – 2019





    “The ensemble is a unique pearl in the vast panorama of ensembles (…) the performance  of Europa  Galante was rich of  nuances, captivating, prepared and praised, with accurate phrasing in the refine dialogue between Biondi and his interlocutors.
    The musicians all play with full visible conviction and a shared musical thought”

    L’ARENA – 2019