“The music is consistently charming, and often much more. Europa Galante is one of the Europe’s top “original instrument” ensembles, and is on cracking form, responding with great panache to Fabio Biondi’s lively direction”

Early Music Review
January 2016

“This vigorous recording can be recommended for Handel lovers”

All Music
February 2016


Fabio Biondi signs his fifth release on Glossa with a further opera exploration, here with Europa Galante and providing a vital interpretation of Handel’s late opera Imeneo, given in its serenade style 1742 Dublin version. Fabio Biondi, directing from the violin, brings all his own experience in both Italian music and music from the eighteenth century in delivering a stunning vindication of an unfairly neglected Handel opera.
Imeneo – Magnus Staveland
Tirinto – Ann Hallenberg
Rosmene – Monica Piccinini
Argenio – Fabrizio Beggi
Clomiri – Cristiana Arcari