“it is one of the most exciting and engaging discs of eighteenth century instrumental music to come along in some time. If AMG could award six stars in a review, this disc would earn them.”

June 2007

“None of this is great music, in truth, but this is where Europa Galante come to the rescue, their combination of rigorous ensemble and interpretational panache bringing it to life”

July 2007


“Biondi’s Europa Galante group go at it full-tilt, whipping up a tempest in Carlo Monza’s sea symphony and fanning the flames in Boccherini’s La casa del diavolo. Gutzy performances, unusual repertoire.”

The Sunday Times
April 2007
Among these symphonies “con titoli”  recorded for Virgin Classics, the best known is Boccherini’s “Casa del Diavolo”, inspired by Glück’s Don Juan et Orphée. All other compositions are relatively unknown and some have never been recorded before. Fabio Biondi thus advances his musicological investigation by resurrecting composers such as Carlo Monza and Giuseppe Demachi and reintegrating them together with their more famous contemporaries such as Sammartini, Boccherini and Vivaldi.