“(Biondi’s) insistence on intimacy is underpinned by an alert period band – with fortepiano added to the ensemble – and smallish chorus. Instrumentally the reading constantly refreshes listening ears, imbuing Bellini’s famously spare orchestration with tender Romanticism, drawing the pacing out of the notes rather than imposing it on the drama”

BBC Music Magazine
November 2015

“There is plenty to please in Europa Galante’s performance… (Farca’s) light, silvery soprano lends a fragility to her character that Netrebko doesn’t always manage…Biondi certainly draws some exciting sounds from Europa Galante, lively woodwinds and thunderous timpani injecting tangy period-instrument flavours to proceedings”

December 2015


For many years Fabio Biondi has been investing Italian scores with his own form of imaginative and deeply-considered musicality, and it is no real surprise to find him extending his reach past the Baroque and Classical eras and into the early Romanticism with this Glossa release of Vincenzo Bellini’s I Capuleti e i Montecchi. Europa Galante’s version of this opera aspires to allow listeners to discover new details in and new perspectives on the musical score. 
Romeo – Vivica Genaux
Giulietta – Valentina Farcas
Lorenzo – Fabrizio Beggi
Tebaldo – Davide Giusti
Capellio – Ugo Guagliardo