“Europa Galante continue their powerful advocacy of some of the lesser-known corners of Vivaldi’s enormous output.Biondi’s playing is characterised by impressive variety, from the crisp articulation of the outer fast movements to the mellow-toned warmth of the slow ones…while there is plenty of swooping virtuosity on display, in the end it is the slow movements which impress with their consistently haunting quality”

July 2011

“A bracing, baroque-pitched tutti – basses slapping, harpsichord punching, upper strins digging with their bow heels – starts the disc. Biondi’s first solo strains at the leash…..solo violin and cello echo one another and swap blemishless long notes at close pitches to play games with the listener”

Classic FM Magazine


Europa Galante extends its rich catalog of Vivaldi’s works with a collection of six concerts – five from “La Stravaganza” and another concert, the RV291 – published by John Walsh in 1728.
The scores of “La Stravaganza”, one of the pillars of the Vivaldi’s international fame at the time, were collected by travelers on the “grand tour”, which allowed their later publication in places such as Amsterdam and London. All the concerts selected for this London edition satisfy the English taste for the concerto grosso, often including more than one soloist.