“Every one of these pieces is impeccably crafted and touchingly personal on its own terms. The guiding spirits are audibly Mozart and early Beethoven in terms of structure and Bach in terms of contrapuntal technique. And that’s where Europa Galante and Fabio Biondi come into their own, moonlighting from their traditional habitat in the music of the Baroque and illuminating Mendelssohn’s fluency in this antique language. The use of period strings lends a softer grain than modern instruments and the recording is close enough to capture Biondi’s breaths but not to obscure the inner lines of Mendelssohn’s counterpoint.”

David Threasher
October 2022

“Even after countless listens I haven’t tired of it, which is not something that I can truthfully say about every album of Mendelssohn string sinfonia and early concertos that I’ve reviewed. In repertoire terms, this is a cornucopia of shapes and forms, including a few works that don’t pop up often. (…) Their playing is a consistent joy, whether it’s the tender dignity they bring to the central Andante of Sinfonia n.2 or the subtly ardent shaping and gossamer elegance in the Fugue for string quartet. A peach of a program”

Charlotte Gardner