“Now here is a second release offering seven concertos for a combined total of 13 different soloists from his band…RV566 is great fun, RV569 puts two horns splendidly on display, while RV540 for lute and viola d’amore is one of its composer’s loveliest creations. For once, Biondi plays things fairly straight but that is not to say that there is any lack of energy or fire”


“If you enjoyed Volume 1(…) then you will find this successor equally appealing. There’s more than 76 minutes of fine music-making from Fabio Biondi and his crack team of period-performance specialists. It’s all excellently recorded, and well worth your time”
Artistic Quality: 9
Sound Quality: 9

Classics Today
Mai 2005


“Europa Galante is one of the best groups of soloists in recorded history, with seemingly every player ready to take the spotlight. Listen to the Concerto for viola d’amore and lute in D minor: listen to Biondi saw and soar on the sweetest of stringed instruments, listen to Giangiacomo Pinardi sting and sing on the pluckiest of all stringed instruments, listen to their easy interplay above the strings of Europa Galante : this is music-making of the highest order. Virgin’s sound is clear, warm, and deep.”

Europa Galante presents here a collection of Vivaldi’s concertos written to demonstrate the extraordinary richness of languages of the many instruments taught at the Venice’s Ospedale della Pietà. A further confirmation of the reason why the Pietà has a pre-eminent position, as a virtuoso and compositional point of reference for the whole Europe.