“Six concerti au programme, illuminés par un lyrisme intense et une beauté qui parle au coeur, d’autant plus que la diversité des instruments solistes fait la démonstration de la richesse de l’inspiration vivaldienne et de son incroyable fertilité. Très beau CD, d’où émane une infinie tendresse.”

Février 2020

“The distinctive musical vision of Europa Galante obviously owes much to Fabio Biondi; perhaps the perfection of ensemble which is typical of their work also owes more than a little to his direction. But the musicians making up Europa Galante are of uniformly accomplished technical ability and musical expressivity. This is an ensemble blessed with top-quality soloists (…) I could continue selecting or commenting on the particular joys to be found on this disc, but I will settle, instead, for the simple statement that if you love the music of Vivaldi you will surely want to hear it – and after hearing it you will surely be eager for further hearings.”

February 2020


The freshness and personalness of Fabio Biondi’s musicmaking with Europa Galante has itself now been in evidence for a remarkable three decades and this new album, conceived as a special 30th-anniversary recording, won’t disappoint listeners ready to have their preconceptions challenged yet be stimulated by consummate musicianship.